Celebrities Who Used to be Strippers

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Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese began working in a strip club at the age of 18, but was totally unimpressed with the other girls’ drab performances so she added spice to her routine with a big beehive hairdo paired with sexy stockings and gloves. She certainly became the center of attention, and wound up becoming a fetish model and burlesque star. Now, she has a huge following, has written books, modeled all over the world, and was even married to Marilyn Manson!

Carmen Elektra

Before the Baywatch beauty washed up on the Los Angeles County beaches, she used what God gave her to make it rain singles. She recently even released her own signature brand stripper pole. Claaaaasy.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose already has a stripper name so it’s hard not imaging Kanye West’s main squeeze twirling around a stripper pole. Though back then, she only went by “Rose” on the stage.

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One thought on “Celebrities Who Used to be Strippers

  1. adultsatires says:

    I like your post, but becareful with the nude shots… They might hide your blog from the global tags section and you’ll lose most of your traffic. That’s what happened to adult satires, my original blog….

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