Fun and Games


until someone gets hurt.

Yeah. This post is about playing games.

Actually, this is a post about being straight forward.

But let’s start with the former.

Why do we play games?

Because nobody knows what the heck is going on? We’re scared? We lack confidence? We liked being wanted?

We’re bored?

Who knows all the reasons…that really doesn’t matter for this post. In all honesty, if you’ve got a spare moment, you should figure out why you play games. Figuring it out helps. Trust me on this one. I was able to see so much more about myself once I ascertained exactly why I was doing the things I did.

But that’s another post about self-realization.

Today, we are focusing on what happens when we play games. Pain, that’s what happens.

Yup. We end up hurting someone we care[d] about.

And that’s never fun. Even if you’re angry or annoyed or frustrated, there never a reason to hurt someone on purpose. That’s just showing your immaturity.

Plus, relationship karma is a bitch.

The point is not to hurt someone. The goal is to be straightforward enough that your feelings/wants/needs/passions aren’t ever unclear or in-question. The hope is that you treat someone the way you want to be treated.

Playing games never gets us too far. In the end, things get so confusing that either a. someone gives up (by cheating/breaking-up/physically running away) or b. someone goes out for blood.

And that never ends well.

So…yeah. Let’s recap. Being straightforward reaps wonderful rewards and keeps our relationship karma clean. Playing games ends up with us drowing our sorrows in peanut butter fudge swirl ice cream doused with marshmallow creme.

I pick positive relationship karma. At this stage in life, and after all the mistakes I’ve made, I could use all the positive points I can get. Learn from that lesson. Playing games result in lots of bad dating years. I have a pie chart that proves it.

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