Best shows on TV right now

Lesa Lu

Okay I’ve been wanting to do another”‘best of” blog ever since new years edition. Only this time I wanted to do a general top ten list of all my favorites instead of just the best of the year.

So here goes .

A list of all of my favorite shows on television right now . .

Number 1 is .

Mad Men

This show is set in the 60’s and is full of typical 50’s house wives and chain-smoking ad men. It is a great show and I am truly addicted! It also just so happens that I got chosen to host a Mad Man premiere party for the Season 5 premiere on March 25th! I was introduced to a website called House Party, where you apply for chances to host parties you are interested in. You get ‘party packs’ with most of the things you need to host a party for free…

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