Don’t Be A Lazy F**K

Every time  I talk to someone, and they tell me their life is not how they want it to be, I feel so much pity, because lets admit it, we’ve all felt this way at one point in our life’s. Am I right? So I want to help them. But if I then see them just laying on a couch or such, watching tv shows, and eating snacks all day, my blood just starts to boil. Because to make your dreams come true, and to make something out of your life, you need to work your butt off. Trust me, I had to do it. I needed two years of constant working around the clock to get my career and life going. People say life is hard, I agree, to a degree (OH See what I did there?!)  But it’s not as hard as some people say. If only you work your ass off. I had to write songs, build a fan base, fame and I needed people to have my back. And even though it sounds like that’s nothing, after you have done all that, you’ll be tired as f*ck. When I met my boyfriend, I had so much stuff to do. But for him I did make time, because he was worth it, and he made me happy. But still it was hard work. But now I have a nice little career, though I’m still working hard on it, and I’ll practically never be done with it.

I used to be like the people I’m talking about. Lazy, glued to the couch, never going anywhere. Until something life changing happened to me, and I decided to go into dental assisting . Which still is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my whole entire life, next to deciding to flirt and get into a relationship with my boyfriend. The laziness is there on lazy days. Days I plan ahead where I tell everyone I’m not going to do anything. Because honestly, sometimes you just need some rest, and on those days I get my rest.

So COME ON! GET YO ASS OFF THE COUCH AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE! Stop snacking and start training. Find a job and make something out of your life. Have a dream? Work really hard to make it come true. Want to become a big blogger? Write the best blogs you’ve ever wrote. Everyone has a certain talent, you just need to let it bloom and let it grow. And I promise you, you will never ever regret it. Because having a good life, career and having someone you love is practically the best thing out there, because having a life, is something everyone wants. And the thing is, everyone can get it too, because it’s so easy to get a little, if not a big HUGE life. And if something goes wrong, and not the way you want it to go, don’t be sad, just try again, and keep trying, try harder, and never give up. And never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. Because you can do anything you want. Nothing is impossible, and the impossible is possible. I’d say try, but I’d rather not… I’d rather say don’t try, DO. And if it helps. I have faith in you, and next to me, a lot of people have faith in you. Wanna be a famous youtuber, start making video’s. Link me to them, and I’ll watch them, like them and comment on them, because every one deserves a chance in the spotlight. Yes, even you. And you can do it, I’m so sure of it.

And I know why a lot of people don’t do anything with their life’s, and it’s because they are afraid something will go wrong. Or that people will judge them. Well… Honestly… So what? So what if something goes wrong? Just try again until it goes right. People judge you? Hey, haters gonna hate! Don’t let other people dictate your life, and take your life into your own hands. You can do it. And honestly, I think you will do it. And if you need my advice, or help, or whatever, message me, or just fill in the little form on the page that’s linked on top of here. And I’ll get back at you as soon as possible.

I used to be a very negative person, and honestly, I was just lucky enough to have my boyfriend, because he taught me to laugh, and he taught me to be happy. But no one is alone… No one. Even if it seems like that. Someone loves you more than anything else. No matter how you look, if you’re fat or skinny, nerdy or G, there’s always someone who wants you. (I’m starting to sound like a damn motivational speaker)

But anyways, just always keep your hopes up, because miracles really do happen, as long as you believe in yourself, and in destiny. You hold the power to make something wonderful of your life.

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