Just Stop It!!

Racism… The everlasting problem in this world…

Don’t you just hate it, ignorant people insulting someone for the color of their 

skin? I’m a white female, dating a Jamaican, with lots of black friends, so I’m anything BUT racist. But hell, even I get confronted with racism every day… Why, because I’m white, and every race thinks that every white person holds some kind of hate towards every other race. While I always say that there is no such thing as races, there is one kind of human and that’s human kind…

BUT still, and I’ll admit, a lot of white people have prejudice towards other races. And yes, it’s more out in the open with white people, then it is with any other race. I mean, sorry for bringing this up again, but we all remember that Asians in the library video on youtube. Or the Arizona racist girls. But basically, racism is alive in every race, and it’s strong, and very very wrong. Its not right to hate someone for a reason like race, color, or just because someone is different.

We must love each other, no more hating. LETS STOP RACISM!

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One thought on “Just Stop It!!

  1. wobsy says:

    Good post

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