Gossip is an interesting phenomenon in society.  We have whole webpages devoted to it and television shows that put it forth as well as tabloid papers.  What is it about gossip that makes people want to talk and know what is going on?  I can’t say I have never participated in gossip but I will say I try to avoid it as much as possible.

I have seen first hand how gossip and can hurt and damage another person’s life.  What was sad about it was that when those who were putting forth the gossip realized it was harming someone else they didn’t stop they just keep it going and added fuel to the fire.  What is that we have to hurt another human being by our actions?

Gossip itself does not help in the advancement of our lives or the lives or others.  Gossip can do more damage that it can to help.  As a matter of fact I have never heard of gossip helping anyone.  I love the quote I heard once that said, ” Gossip is the lowest form of discourse.”  instead of gossiping maybe we should reach out and help other people.

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One thought on “Gossip

  1. Privacy is a big thing for me. Even the most public people (those who love gossip to increase popularity) would long some degree of privacy, and they deserve that.

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