Vajazzling – the act of literally sticking crystals on to one’s foof has sparked much controversy in the world of feminists recently. Is it simply a beauty regime that makes us feel sexy and confident or are we really just bluffin’ with our muffins in an attempt to get the opposite sex’s attention? For me, it is the former, although I don’t deny that the mini dress I squeezed my ass into for Oceana on Saturday night was not entirely for me (that would just be selfish), if it did turn any heads that was just a plus to how confident I had already made myself feel (the dress was a newbie from Topshop) and it is safe to say I came home with a cluster of girls, giggling about the nights antics and feeling on top of the world. Vajazzling to which we have Towie to thank – surprise, surprise, is defined in the Urban Dictionary as ‘To give the female genitals a sparkly makeover with crystals so as to enhance their appearance’. It does not suggest however that this is at the hands of the sexually dominating man. When I’m feeling low or stressed I cure it with a rather hefty costing spray tan. When my house mate feels this way she spends all morning at the beauticians. It makes us feel healthier, sexier, and more confident; it is a boost to our self-esteem not a desperate attempt to get men to fall at our knees, although that would be nice. While I am a virgin to vajazzling my vajayjay, the point I am trying to make is much similar to Dawn Porter who recently argued ‘Yes’ to the question ‘can you vajazzle and still be a feminist?’ She stated ‘Whether it’s glistening with jewels or a tangled mass of wirly curls, I am and always will be, a feminist’. Suggesting we do what we do to pleasure ourselves not those men from Mars, and who is to say that if it were for them that we too wouldn’t gain from their pleasure? Surely a bit of sparkle between the sheets is bound to spice up anybody’s sex life? I’m not saying your in between bits aren’t beautiful just the way they are, Bruno Mars will tell you that much, but I don’t think that accessorising down there is any different from accessorising anywhere else and it certainly doesn’t defy the philosophy of feminism, in fact I think it’s rather #reem. 

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