If You Really Knew Me

‘IF YOU REALLY KNEW ME’ is a t.v show that shows high schoolers what is it like to be real. Watching this show tells me it should be applied to people of all ages. In fact, It’s when we get older that we stop being real and start showing the world only what we want them to see.

We strive so hard to pretend whether we are happy or perfect when Happiness and perfection never settle forever. We need to learn it’s okay not to be perfect. It’s okay not to be happy all the time.  We need to learn that inside us there might be a lot the world might love us for but instead we choose to hide it. If we really knew each other, we will not need to pretend. We will understand why a certain person behaves, acts this way and maybe work on helping them get over what’s making them angry or upset.

We all believe that inside of each person there is some good, we need to bring this good up to the world. We need to show our fears because it will show our personality and our personality is worth showing. We need to show our sadness, our anger to the world to know what makes us sad, what makes us angry and maybe if they knew, they will change it.

A lot of us don’t know why certain people act in a way that we don’t understand. Why do certain people never smile? why do some others never stop. Sometimes, if not most of the time, some people hide their depression underneath those loud laughs and crazy acts. We need to open up what’s inside us and find solutions instead of keeping them in this dark room we call it ‘Our Heart’ because the more we keep inside, the more we don’t feel comfortable anymore.

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