Great television, and the friends who actually get it…

Unabashedly Poetic

Sitcoms have taken a backseat in the past years as shows like Friends and Seinfeld came to an end. Unfortunately, the humor of such programs seems to have been lost to the world, well, unless you’re watching them on syndication, I suppose. Currently, the only program on television that I would consider a worthy candidate for the “Funniest Sitcoms on TV Awards” would be Modern Family.The Office would be a close second, although as of late it has become rather boring, I guess Steve Carrell really did steer the boat on that one. Sitcoms seem to be a dying breed, in my opinion anyway. Shows like Friends and Seinfeld were consistently entertaining, unlike the more modern programming being aired today. For example, I watched five episodes, in a row, of The Big Bang Theory a few weeks ago and barely laughed once. Maybe a few light chuckles here or…

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