Men prefer Bad Girls

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I have often come across the statement that men desire bad girls .

What men expect in a woman  is as easy or as difficult as what a woman expects in a man.

People do have a Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde personality.

One prefers the good clean things in Life while secretly desiring the other. one pretends to like what society approves of.

In general Men like women  bad girls,to put it bluntly, a woman who is good in bed(as women desire in men).

But the question is -do they prefer them as wife or husband?


One may not like it, but it is a fact.

For the happy Life of man a woman is dreamed of  a

‘ mother in care,friend in times of distress,advisor like a Minister and a slut in bed”

“Men no longer want a submissive wife who has no opinion of her own and nods her approval…

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