Tiny or Huge?

Would you rather have a guy that is good in bed but not so smart.. Or a smart guy that have isn’t the best in bed?

Us women have their priorities all fucked up. We choose the dick over the brains but in the end which one will really last longer? Let’s analyze.

So picking the penis would obviously bring satisfaction. Fun nights, memories for days, drunken stories and new adventures. Which we all love. But after its all said and done… How is Mr. packing doing outside the bed? Probably not top of his class. The feeling of awesomeness will defiantly be temporary because after the session is over and you both finish, of he can’t keep a conversation for more than 5 minutes he is an IDIOT. Defiantly on the Packing Shit list.

Now, choosing the smart guy. The one who is not the cutest but ya both share the same ideologies in psychology class. How cute. You finally get the one night with mr.brains and he is not the best one but hey, his credit score is pretty decent, top of his class and knows a bit about everything. The guy momma picked for you.

This is a tuffy, because in the end its about what’s important to each other. If your not looking for a relationship and temporary satisfaction. Pick the DICK. It will defiantly give you stories to tell your girlfriends and to brag about the shaft. But now if you looking for a commitment, the penis won’t always satisfy the the relationship.

If your looking for someone to settled down with and into a serious relationship, even as far as into marriage, average joe might be the way to go. Yeah it may not be top-notch-tell-all-everyone-about-it type of sex, but as long as it get the job done. Your good. The conversations, the happiness, and the good times, will beat any size.

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