Trayvon Martin

All of you who were so with the #KONY2012 movement need to be even louder about Trayvon Martin. Until we as a nation show our utter disappointment in the fact that the United States holds no one accountable for injustices unless they can capitalize from the situation then nothing will change.

I have found the root of my true frustration and it is that the Trayvon Martin case is not exceptional . . . he’s a name and a face to all the senseless murders and injustices that occur across our country. His case sheds light on the holes that exists in our country’s justice system. A system that accepts excuses like “she had on a short dress” or allows NYPD to “stop and frisk” young minorities disproportionately or allow hyper-surveillance on mosque or continuously fail our children through poor schooling. If fear is the root of this than people who look like me should be terrified because justice has never been but so just to us .

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2 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin

  1. KarmaandUkuleles says:

    Short and to the point, you also make a good point about the comparison to Kony 2012. If we could get people to care about that so quickly, something like this should be able to catch fire just as easily.

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