High or Low?


Spring time is here! Which means all around the world,men and women alike are doing a little spring cleaning and switching up thief wardrobe to more spring friendly clothing.

Here in New York, the weather is so confused. In the morning it’ll be in the low 40′s,and by 1:00 pm it’ll be in the high 60′s ! As someone who works early my  biggest daily decision I have to make us whether I’m wearing a thick winter jacket, or a thin leather jacket. Usually I layer lol

Anyway, now that it’s spring we bring out the light fabrics and bright colors. One of my favorite sneakers to wear is the Chuck Taylor converse. It’s the most versatile sneaker that you can own ! However, whether to get hi or low top is the million dollar question.

Personally, I’ve always been a high top kind of girl. Not sure why, I just always thought they were cuter. Actually, when it comes to sneakers,I only wear high tops. However recently, I’ve noticed that low tips have sparked a sudden interest in me. It’s almost like switching it up, without completely changing it up. While I think high tops look better skinny jeans,low tops look better with everything else.

And no. Converse will NEVER go out of style.classic sneakers never go out of style.

What about you? High top or low top?


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