No No No Ladies!!!

Well, this is probably going to be one of the most candid blogs I have posted to date.  Why?  Well, because I have a very strong opinion about this topic, and I know many of my reader/followers will disagree with my point of view.

Let’s just delve in to this juicy piece of  meat, shall we?

Men, gotta’ love ‘em…really,most women struggle without them.  Our generation of “Modern” women, have struggled seriously with juggling career and relationships.  I have spoken before about the balance of power in relationships and how it has wreaked havoc on the majority of them where the power is not distributed with equal respect.  There are books flying off the shelves on the subject of “how to learn MAN-SPEAK” (trying to keep it light).  Fewer books are written about how to learn “WOMAN-SPEAK”.

Wow!  Why do you think that is?  Well, I have a very interesting point of view.

I, too, have been catapulted in that whole Modern Woman thing where I have desperately sought balance with my love life and climb the corporate ladder.  What happened in my own experience is that somewhere along the line, my roles in the two worlds became melded and confused.  Most women who have landed that coveted spot at the top of the corporate high-tower and successfully relate to their man at home, have it all figured out – and undoubtedly, have it all!  But, for those who still are scratching their temples in wonderment and can’t quite seem to figure it out, there is a gap in understanding.

With these new books helping women understand the mind of a man, and some even suggesting that we “think” like them, our wires are becoming even more crossed.  So, here is my spin on it.   I agree, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!  I agree we both need to learn how to speak the language of the other in order to communicate effectively and meet each others needs.

Now, here is where it gets sticky for me…

The weight of the responsibility to create that balance is prevalently placed in the laps of women.  We are told that if WE don’t know how to communicate our needs to a man, we are stuck like Chuck without them.  What I think needs to happen is to regain our sense of feminine power.  I think that some of the ideals and roles of the “work world” have confused us to believe that our power in what we do is just as important or needed in our relationships with our men.  One author said it perfectly, “no man bought and paid for before the wedding and after, the idea of dealing with another man dressed as a woman.”  In other words, most men still want the feminine allure that a “soft, sensual, understanding, feeling” woman brings to his stern, thinking, doing, masculine overbearing power.

What I feel really needs to happen is women understanding their feminine power more than understanding what a man thinks like.  Because when she is aware of the influence she has in his life, that will automatically shift his response to her and his reaction in their relationship.  My previous post talked about that Masculine and Feminine energy.  It’s okay for women to carry the masculine, just be sure that it compliments your man’s feminine energy.  Otherwise, there will be some head-butting going on!  On the other hand, if she carries the Feminine energy, she should respect the Masculine energy, and all that means is simply enjoy being a woman…expressing the softer side and leave the role you play in the work world at work.

If you have noticed lately (within the last few years), television is recapturing a time when women played  a more domestic role, PLAYBOY, PAN AM, MAD MEN, and a host of others.  These circa 50-60′s shows portray a more seductive woman with sensual allure and _ OMG _ submissiveness.  That’s it – I said it — I cringed just typing the word.

There are so many ways this discussion can go…but, for the sake of time and energy, I think you should decide.  Leave your comments (clean ones please) and let me know your thoughts

A Woman Like Me…enjoys being a woman with many facets that I get to express when I want.  More than that, I get to have it all!

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