Hurting Yourself

I thought about writing this post for a while. Should I, shouldn’t I? Would it be wise to comment on this topic? Would it be wise to write this given that people are, after all, entitled to their opinions. I fell down on this side of the fence, and it may or may not be the smartest side. I’m just so sick and tired of people commenting on suicide unless it’s with compassion. This is an excerpt from another blog on WP:

“I always wondered how somebody can plan to destroy what his existence is expressing. Suicide – the only thing that God doesn’t forgive. Cold, shadowy, foggy, unclear and obviously unclean feelings – is what probably these victims experimented.”

What I take from this post is that this person clearly has no idea as to what he/she is talking about. And, yes, I should be very careful here. I realise I am writing from a place of personal experience, which should add to caution. I just felt extremely provoked (neither a good place to come from when commenting on other people’s blog postings). However, I don’t think this post was written out of malice, just ignorance and inexperience.

Again, proceed with caution; God. To bring the religious argument into the discussion and to say that this is the only thing God doesn’t forgive, feels like a slap in the face. What about domestic abuse, child abuse, elderly abuse, rape, child rape, animal torture. Does God forgive that? If, as you state, suicide is the only unforgivable sin, does that mean that God is just dandy with that?

And to claim that you know what people who consider, have tried, or have committed suicide experience, that’s downright rude, not to mention inconsiderate and arrogant. You, my dear, do not appear to have any grasp of the topic on which you are writing. I don’t think cold, foggy, unclear, unclean (really?) feelings are high on the list when it comes to reasons for suicide. Or on the list of what thoughts go through one’s mind at the time. At least that hasn’t been my experience.

“Ask yourself if you would take things to extreme in case that something won’t be as you wanted them to be. Is there something worth dying for? I think not.”

To me suicide isn’t about something worth dying for, it’s about having nothing worth living for. Life is so painful that dying seems a relief. I know what that feels like, so don’t pretend that you have all the answers, and please don’t give me the answers in statement-form.

I’m not saying that we can’t discuss or have opinions on suicide. Quite the contrary. How can we possibly change something unless we talk about it. I just ask that it’s done in a way that invites openness and trust, – that what is said will be listened to and treated with dignity and care. Not bulldozed over and met with absolutes – as in, this is how it is. Period.

I know these excerpts are taken out of context and anything can seem unreasonable or silly when this is done. I think this blogger was addressing a specific incident, but given that it was, it should have been presented in such a way. Kept to that one incident and left at that, and not presented as if this is the reason behind every suicide. Well, these are just my 100,000 cents.

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