Men Want What?

So what’s the secret and what do men really care about?

It’s simple. Men want a woman to make them feel masculine. The definition of masculinity may vary from man to man, but this is the universal characteristic guys are subconsciously looking for. Once you know what “type” you are dealing with, you can tap into his own understanding of what makes a woman and what makes a man.

Second, men love a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and does not depend on a man for happiness.

Third, men love a woman who can be flexible and think both like his best-friend and like his mother (yeah, yeah, I know, but it’s the truth) – that is, a friend, a lover, and a caretaker.

The fourth point is probably the best kept secret in getting any man interested in you: men will fall on their knees in front of you if you give them no signals that you are interested in them romantically but you are flirty and good company. That is, at a party, you should not pay attention to your object of affection – let him come to you. Ignore him. Once he comes to you, be flirtatious and charming, but then move on and don’t pay any more attention to him for the rest of the evening. Men want to feel like men and be on the prowl, as they are always hunting and looking for a challenging prey. Even if he goes home with another chic that night, he will be thinking about you. Do not underestimate the power of intrigue, it will drive any man crazy. This does not mean playing immature games or treating him with disrespect; rather, you can treat him as you would treat your best male-friend. Be open, fun, and most importantly, be yourself – but do not imply anything else with your behavior, although it can be flirty.

It comes down to Understanding – mutual understanding. It is the women who have the psychological acumen to realize what a man wants in terms of understanding that are successful in getting him interested. Where you go once he is interested is your call and of course you should also be understood in the same sense.

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