**SPOILERS** Do not read if you haven’t watched the Premiere yet!


First, I have been a loyal viewer and fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Secondly, have been and remain Team GiudiceTeam ManzoTeam GorgaTeam Laurita, and Team Wakile. This is THE Housewives show that has consistently remained devoted to ‘Family’.  Lastly, the fame of the show now seems to be destroying their devotion to friendships.

The season opener definitely started as promised in the previews. A storm sure is brewing. The episode hovered like a dark cloud scene by scene. Let’s start with the Gorga’s and Wakile families coming together for a family BBQ. The sun was out and you all looked Gorga-ous, so why throw out one line jabs on Teresa’s book?

“If she’s writing about you, she’s jealous,” says Melissa.

Wow! That was deep. Seeing as you two are so close, and you know her so well. I do believe Teresa is sincerely irritated that Melissa is copying off of her which was freely admitted in the reunion. I see why Teresa is so annoyed, but Melissa is trying to fit in with the family for the love of her husband. Teresa should get over it and understand that is part of your heritage and Italian family values. It’s also a compliment to Teresa by Melissa.

Yes, Teresa is somewhat obnoxious when she talks and crosses the line at times, just like her brother, Joe Gorgalicious. (Gorgasms? Really? TMI as usual – Can’t help but love this man). Her family, which means your family as well, Melissa, is in financial dire straits. No matter what the reasoning behind the anger, you are all still a family. If Teresa is in denial, then let her self destruct without adding fuel to the fire.

Now to the Laurita house. Once again, rehearsed one liners about the book. Seriously, GET OVER THE BOOK! I bought the book and have to say, I adore that you’re all included and love Teresa’s way of describing herself and friends – it is funny and priceless.

Kudos to Chris Manzo for taking ownership of his entrepreneur ideas. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t allow my daughter to work at a stripper car wash, but, I find it a fascinating idea and with the right business skills could be extremely prosperous in NJ. Chris has the gumption and skills to accomplish his goals.Well done, Al and Caroline!  Teresa is so popular with the viewers; I believe her plug for his business idea was to promote it, not to be derogatory. Her books are selling like crazy. Also, huge compliment to Caroline from Teresa to include her picture in the book. I think we all know Teresa likes to be the center of attention, but still included you, Caroline! I found it touching and made me want to purchase the book even more. Why? Because, I love the Manzo’s.

Caroline! Caroline! What is going on with you? You say, “A little thing called loyalty”.  Teresa is the exact same person from Season 1, she is working harder, and none of you – show or not, could hold a woman like that back. She is determined and her drive is relentless. Here’s another, “Is moron stamped on my head?” Not in the least, but the word jealousy may be stamped on your forehead over Teresa’s business success. I’m confused when you said that Teresa was upset that she got caught writing a book and including your family. Hello! It’s all Teresa talks about and it’s a BOOK which is PUBLISHED.   Of course, you wouldn’t know what was in the book unless you’re admitting you had no intent of supporting Teresa or her book sale.

Last one – can’t stop this,

“In some crazy, crazy way she is threatened by me.”

Caroline, let me use Danielle’s line here,  PUHlease. Teresa comes from a small family and respected you. She admired and respected you as did Housewives fans across the nation. Teresa is a confident risk taker and will go for her opportunity. I believe YOU are the one threatened. Why? You have worked so hard at raising your children to become successful, that you didn’t really take the time to go for it yourself. Who cares? You’re the All-American Mother and we love you. In some Italian families (my own experiences) the Matriarch tends and leads the flock, but only with permission. They tend to even out the amount of success per family member, so they may all remain together in their tight knit world. Well, Teresa has to go out and make her own family financially whole again. You’re not old and boring in the least Caroline, in my opinion, the doc gave you the wrong diagnosis. Did he mention the jelly belly bug? (Seems to be spreading all over Franklin Lakes, NJ.)

Don’t worry Caroline, Teresa seems to be a forgiving person, so she will forgive you one day. You didn’t only hurt Teresa, you hurt the fans who so fiercely believed in you, but like Teresa, we are forgiving. We still love you, Caroline. You’re a beautiful woman with a big heart, but hold yourself back in a business for the sake of your family. You’re a woman with a high standards and values.

Jacqueline, Oh, Jacqueline! Your back and forth friendship with Kim G says it all for Season 4. Just a guess, but you will have a back and forth friendship with Teresa all season? Jacqueline, you’re a beautiful woman that obsesses over her body image. Go for it Jac! You look amazing. Show it, do it, and live it. If you do, then I’m pretty certain Teresa won’t be the center of your world. Ashlee will be fine the minute you stop caring that she doesn’t care. Trust me; it’s the oldest trick in the book.

Kathy, we all know you’re a good cook. We saw your desert spread on Season 3 and tasting party for the women. There is no need to compare one cook to another cook. Write your own book. I’m sure to buy it. Teresa’s recipes are a blend of her Mother, Mother-In-Law, and Teresa’s updates all pulled together. Teresa used her family recipes from both the Giudice and Gorga side and created a true Italian cookbook. The generational touch in her books draws you towards the book along with her unstoppable personality. Let me also say that Holy Cannoli Cupcake recipe from Fabulicious is fantastic. Would love to buy a book of your baking secrets as well. After all, you’re family.

Now we’re at the beach and after watching all the calculated lines I feel like Milania’s, “I want to be a chalk face.” Had to be the best.

Joe Gorgalicious and Teresa have a brief sit down to remind each other they don’t want to talk about anything. Well, except for money and slamming one another’s spouses. Teresa, the love Melissa has for your brother is genuine. She loves that man with all her heart. Who wouldn’t love Joe Gorgalicious? I do! He’s hot, works, loves his family, and he lights up the TV screen. I’m blushing just thinking about him. Joe you made it clear on CAMERA that you never called Teresa to talk about Joe cheating. Let her find out about your true feelings during a nationally aired TV show.

The Manzo’s are playing conquer and divide with the Giudice’s, Gorga’s, and Wakile as far as I’m concerned. Teresa, Juicy Joe, Melissa, Joe Gorgy, Kathy, and Richie are what I call a POWERHOUSE family.  Together, nothing could stop any of you. The drive, audacity, ambition, and the sparks coming from this BLOOD related family is unstoppable. All of you are different, but live life to the fullest. You let nothing hold you back and go for it EVERYTIME.

Kathy’s Mother, Maria was the only person who spoke true Italian family values,

“If you want to be a family, then that’s ENOUGH!”




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