Friends Don’t Last Forever!!!!


In Primary school we think our friendships will last forever. In high school we learn that forever may not be set in stone. Then there is life after high school. Have we passed all the gossiping, backstabbing and cattiness? Sure, we also live in a world where we have chocolate rivers and lickable wallpaper (For those who didn’t realise I was being sarcastic although a chocolate river wouldn’t be such a bad idea).

Sometimes events occur, people come into and leave your life and it hurts no matter what stage of life you’re at. This can go on for a long time with lies and gossip being spread and you may feel like you’ll never get away from it.

However you haven’t played your most powerful card yet, your own plan of action. Do you dwell on the negative event? or join in on the gossip? Sure it may make you feel better for a while but while you’re gossiping you’re also robbing yourself of your time, emotions and opportunities to meet new people.

The pain it brings may not be a good thing initially but with each negative experience or friend who walked out we become stronger and we learn about ourselves. We learn what we want and don’t want in our lives. When we are children we are like blank canvases we have no fear because every experience is new, we haven’t learnt to fear anything yet. When we are older we experience good and bad and it effects the type of people we are.

So appreciate and be grateful for the good and try and appreciate the bad afterall without it you wouldn’t have known you found better.

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