Getting Back To Your Roots


A couple of weeks ago I started researching how to grow your hair long. I’m talking butt length. On almost every site I looked on, they talked about making your own hair care products. So I looked more into this, and there are two main topics:

Making Your Own Shampoo


Going ‘Poo Free

I looked into the ingredients made in shampoo that I use now. I use Head and Shoulders for my dandruff. And holy crap! No wonder my hair is in such horrible condition! The soaps in shampoo strip your hair of its natural oils, which causes your hair to go into overdrive. Again, a big reason why my hair wasreally oily. So, I knew right off the bat that I didn’t want to just make my own shampoo. While I would know all that would go into it, I still didn’t want to rob my locks of…

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