Best of Adriano Celentano

Since 1991. when album “Il re degli ignoranti” came out, it’s one of my favorite albums ever. I’ll love these songs forever. Those who don’t know much about Adriano Celentano, here’s a bit of info:

Adriano Celentano is an Italian singersongwritercomedianactorfilm directorand TV host.

He has released forty albums, comprising twenty nine studio albums, three live albums, and eight compilations. His most famous songs are “La coppia piu’ bella del mondo”, which sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc;[3]Azzurro” (1968), written by Paolo Conte; and “Prisencolinensinainciusol” (1972).

I’m sharing with you few of my favorite songs from this amazing album from 1991. He was producer of this all too, so pay attention to originality, mix of all and how something like this was never heard before this.

Guess the reason why I love him so much is because I grew up with his music thanks to may father. He was one of my father’s favorite singers and he became one of mine thanks to him.




this next one I can’t describe how much I love and wish it’s longer.



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