Nail Weekly: Go Overboard and Turquoise & Caicos

So today was my scheduled weekly manicure! And since I was there I decided to get a well overdo pedicure. As you all may know I’m obsessed with Essie nail polish, so over course I had to use that brand. And since I own practically every color I decided to go with

Go Overboard


Turquoise & Caicos

. Truly amazing colors! Now for my feet I did all my toes the

Go Overboard

color except for my big toe. My big toe I chose to do it in

Turquoise & Caicos

. When it came time to do my hands I decided to do the opposite. I painted my whole hand

Turquoise & Caicos

except for my ring fingers. My ring fingers I chose to do the

Go Overboard


I basically flipped it and created my own thing! Not every time you paint your toes and hands do they have to match! I decided to have fun with it!






The color on the left in the picture below is

Go Overboard

and the color on the right is

Turquoise & Caicos

, courtesy of Essie. I think everyone should try the Essie nail polish they have amazing colors and last long on your nails. You get them anywhere. I usually get my nail polishes at CVS or Rite Aid but you can probably find this brand at any drug store or anywhere that sells nail polish! Or you can order online! Until next week! Next week I will be trying the Nicole Collection by OPI, the Kardashian Collection do stay tuned!

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