my love plus one

What is emotional abuse? How do you know if you are being emotionally abused?

Love is truly a tricky thing. It’s a game of give and take… Some give more and others take too much. When in love we tend to overlook the obvious and the negative. We wear rose colored goggles in the intial stages. We tend to let people into our deepest circle without knowing their intentions or history.  We open ourselves up for love and many other things.

My unique relationship has left me with insecurities that I wouldn’t term as emotional abuse, but more so as stress. Like any budding relationship, you seek approval of the new person in your life and you want to cater to their every need. Being in a poly relationship turns up the heat when falling in love. You have a dynamic of trust, love, emotions and your own sanity to contend with. Sometimes you feel like…

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