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Fifty Shades of Grey is the porn version of Twilight. Both Bella and Anastasia live in Washington, both have quirky mothers who have recently remarried, both have never had a boyfriend before, and both are attracted to overprotective controlling men.  Unlike Twilight, the plot is paper thin and nothing without the sex.

James has proven the cliché “sex sells.”  Other than spiking sales of sex toys, James hasn’t accomplished much with this book. The text is littered with clichés, cluttered with repetitive phrases, and stuffed with language expected from a seventh grader.  When reading, please count how many times Mr. Christian Grey runs his long fingers through his hair or has his pants hanging on his hips. A writer can be repetitive, just not so obvious. Could his fingers be slender, lengthy, lithe, meandering?  Could his hips peak over the waist of his pants or could we see that smooth…

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