Say Goodbye To It!!

Fear. We love it. We hate it.

For some people it really gets our adrenalin going, for others it just freezes us. Stopping us in our tracks. Not allowing us to move forward. Even for the most silliest things we can get stuck in the trap.

We tend to avoid rather than confront our fears, which then creates tension. Tension in the body, tension in the mind. Tension in your body is often an emotional pain. So, what is that pain in my knee?  Physical pain is really an emotional pain coming out in a physical form.

One of my fears was to look in the mirror. Especially when I was not very well. I couldn’t bear it as the fight would begin. The internal battle. I would see all the flaws and beat myself up.  It was not until I found Yoga and was forced to stare at myself in the mirror for a whole 90 minutes was when my fear began to dissolve. And is still dissolving.It is all about acceptance. Accepting what you see. Who you really are. Imperfectly perfect. Unique.

When we are courageous and face our fears, life flows. Energy flows. Externally and internally. We are able to shine, reach our highest potential and live!

What fears do you have that prevent you on reaching your highest potential?  How do you face them?

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