In the beginning I had all sorts of lofty aspirations for this blog.

Maybe I would make money. Maybe I would wield some influence. Maybe I would use it to develop new ideas.

Soon after starting I realised that the first two would likely never happen. And some time after I realised the last never really happened either.

So then I decided that it helped me to finalise ideas. Yes that was what the blog did.

Something would roll around in my brain until finally it got to a point where it was all I could do not to wake up in the middle of the night and write down all that I was thinking.

I tried this thinking out on a few people – why I blog is one of my frequently asked questions. And in trying out this thinking on a few people, I realised it was bullshit.

The only reason I blog is because I simply love it.

I love creating something. I love the way it makes me see things in a different way. I love the people I connect with through here – both new and old. I love the structure it brings to my very unstructured life.

I love how much it surprises me.

I love how sometimes I write something I think is bloody brilliant — only to have no one notice.

I love how sometimes I write something I think is awful — only to have people like and comment on my posts!

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