Listen To Your Heart


Lately, the topic of love has become a more prevalent topic in my life.  Wether I focus my love to a man, or my family, or even my friends, I can’t help but to keep revisiting the concept of love.  Love is the one of the strongest emotions a person can have. It’s a tender feeling of affection that you feel for another person. Everyone seems to have his own opinion of what love is. Regardless of what definition you want to give it, when we talk about love it’s important to realize the two types of love: conditional and unconditional love.  More prevalent in my life is unconditional love, and so that’s where I want to take my focus today.

There are many examples of unconditional love that are very important in many people’s life.  For instance, a prime example of unconditional love is God’s love for His people.  Some more non-religious examples include love between siblings, or between children and parents because no matter how much you and your parents may fight, they will always love you — and that’s the bottom line.  Unconditional love can also be found in friendships and sometimes even in relationships and marriages.  No matter how hard we try, we are emotionally attached to a person for better or for worse.  Unconditional love is loving someone for who he / she is without rules and personal preference.  I will go even further and say that unconditional love is when you love someone without trying to affect him or her.  All in all, unconditional love is a feeling that just one cannot get rid of, no matter how hard they try.  It’s also important to not that, as I mentioned before, unconditional love does not pertain only to a partner.  It can be towards a family member, coworker, etc.

Just this week I posted a Facebook status where I talked about unconditional love for someone whom I attend school with.  As I try to pinpoint exactly where I developed unconditional love for him, I remember his life stories and how similar his stories are to mine.  Experiencing an adverse childhood, he currently lacks a solid relationship with his parents.  Much like me, due to all of the pain he has endured, he constantly puts up a wall to guard himself from hurtful people.  He rarely wants to let anyone into his heart as he hides emotional in an invisible cloak of anger.  Recently, on multiple occasions, I have been able to experience him in a less vulnerable state, and needless to say, my heart grew on him.  Maybe it was because we were so similar in our backgrounds?  But maybe it was because he really is a mature and caring person underneath it all?  Exploring my feelings even further, I can honestly say that he is the type of person I would do anything for.  Through the thick and the thin, I would want to always be someone who he can call on — even if it’s just to vent.  I want to be there, no matter what.

Overall, unconditional love is something you have to feel with your heart.  It’s not something that will be applicable to every person in your life.  Unconditional love takes time to develop. It’s not something that will happen overnight.  It develops through interaction and the sharing of life.  It cannot be forced and it cannot be created.  Your heart will tell you what’s love and what is unconditional love, so listen to your heart.

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