What Is Love???


For a while I thought about writing this blog post on love.  But then I began to think about how cliché it might be for some quasi adult like me to complain or go on about love.  Despite my hesitation, I’ve decided to go forth with the blog post and simply write from my heart.  After all, writing is something I LOVE.

Lately, love is something that has been on the front of my mind.  I’m not just talking about the love that you receive from and give to your significant other, I’m also talking about love from a parent, or love from a friend.  I’m talking about love in general.  I began contemplating to myself what I thought love was.  While I couldn’t come up with a definition, there were a lot of things that popped into my head.  I thought about the time my little brother tried saving a cat from dying.  I thought about the time when my father pushed me on the swing set at the park.  I thought about the time where I held my ex-boyfriend’s hand while walking alongside the lake in Downtown Chicago.  These moments all symbolize a bond between two people (or animals).  I became flustered by how simple these things work.  I thought to myself: how can love only be present between two people?  It wasn’t until then that I thought about the things I love to do.  In a sense, I thought about the things that I am passionate about.  Things like: writing, volunteering, photography, and fashion.  These are all things I love.  Now sure, they’re simple and somewhat cliché, but nonetheless, they are things I LOVE.

In all my frustration to come up with a definition to the word “love,” I referred to the dictionary for a more basic meaning of love.  To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by the results, but it did help to know I wasn’t far off.  Love is everything I talked about above.  It’s the simple moments with mom and dad; the late night walks along the beach with your significant other.  But love also, as I mentioned before, can be directed toward an object, hobby, or something similar.  As I mentioned above, I love to write, dance, take photos, etc.  These are all things I love.

Now, you may wonder where I’m going with this whole love thing.  I’m sorry for stringing you along.  I wrote this because maybe I’m a helpless romantic who contemplates love all of the time.  Or maybe I wrote this because somewhere in my life I felt a lack of love.  Be it whatever it may be, I wrote this for all of the people who continuously become down about love.  I wrote this because I know what it feels like to sit off on the side at your prom and watch everyone else dance with their date, while you sit next to the refreshment bar hoping someone asks you to dance.  But love isn’t always so negative all of the time, and that’s my point here.  For those of you who are constantly down on love, I’m here to tell you that it’s not worth it.  As I explained already, love isn’t about bonding with someone.  Too often society puts this image into our heads . . . and it sucks.  I’ve fallen victim.  So, to those of you who have this problem, my best advice for you is to change your mindset.  Stop thinking about how love sucks and look for the good in love.  For me, I realized that when I volunteered and spread love to those less fortunate than me, I felt good about myself.  I felt accomplished and even almost untouchable (I’m not being cocky, really).  In every one of these moments, I saw love as a positive thing.  I loved people how I wanted to be loved.  Suddenly I felt better about myself.  It was those moments that made me realize love isn’t negative, we simply make it negative because we base love off of our past experiences.

Love is something that needs to be shared.  Love is something that needs to be reciprocated.  Think about all of the times that you thought love hurt you.  Was love shared there?  Was it reciprocated?  If you can answer no to either of those questions, my guess is that it (whatever “it” may be) wasn’t love.  All in all, don’t be so rough on yourself about love.  I know that feeling and it sucks.  Just. Let. Love. Happen.

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