Become Intimate With The One You Love!

Relationships can become very routine and eventually lose the spark and spice you used to have when you were dating. Here are some lesson I’ve learned from creating and maintaing intimacy in my relationship:

Be Bold & courageous–  You can not be afraid to try new things and surprise your partner and yourself. Always be willing to switch up your approach and keep thing interesting and hot! In my own relationships, I would do something random to my boyfriend and he would go crazy and liked this new side of me that I was showing him. Never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone at least for one night.

Get Close Already!- When I talk about getting close, I’m not talking about the traditional way of holding hands in the park or crossing the street (that’s not enough). The same predictable movements and routine you do each day gets old and boring really fast. If you are very busy or have a tight schedule, make sure to leave an hour or two for your partner and set-up a time to get close and pamper each other. It’s very easy to forget to do the small things like taking a shower together or laying in bed for an hour cuddling after a long day of work. This help you build and restore intimacy in your relationship. Another way to get close to your partner is to simply ask them what they would want from you and just do it! See what happens.

Be creative Think outside of the box on the new and exciting ways to build the intimacy between you two. Working out together is a great way to build intimacy together or any other physical activity that requires physical touch. Think about what you used to do when you first started to date that was fun and brought you closer to each other. Then, re-creat that date or memory again and have some fun.

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