Black Is The New White?

Today while reading my daily dose of new designer and a fashion news I took notice of a interesting post by The New York Times about designer Vera Wang new fall 2012 bridal show. Wang is know for her elegant and timeless gowns and collections for brides and bridal parties. So what’s up with Vera now?

The article titled “All Dressed in Black”, featured models on the runway showing Wang’s new Fall 2012 bridal show. Wang shocked everyone with her black, edgy gowns for her latest collection. Everybody was stunned and shocked at the gowns and caused a front-row stir.

“I wore white on my wedding day,” Ms. Wang said. “I was very frustrated, it being so traditional at the time, but the bridal industry wasn’t so evolved back then.”

My personal opinion about this, you ask?

I LOVE IT! Go Vera! It’s new and different style that brides can explore and stand out from traditional styles and tase in bridal gowns.

Would I wear a black gown? Maybe, but I wouldn’t knock it for one mintue. I love it when designers step out of traditional and ordinary into something edgy, fresh, and modern.

In the article, the author mentions the bride thinking beyond just her wedding day and looking back and seeing the pictures and how black gown will stand out whne compared to the tradition brighter and lighter colors for bridal wear.

So tell me what do you think of this article? Love it

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