Long Term Relationships

Long-term Relationship

Being in a long term relationship is a choice and trust me it’s not always easy. Developing a long-term relationship takes patience and dedication but after everything is said and done it’s truly worth it. My partner and I sit down and sometimes laugh about some arguments and fights we’ve had. Whether you’re dating, or in a relationship these are some quick tips to help you in your long term relationships in check…

Make time for your relationship week after week

I know that life gets crazy and busy for everybody from time to time. Try to always make quality time for just the two of you and have fun with one another.

Create intimacy doing fun and pleasurable things together

Relationships can become very predictable and at time boring. Intimacy is a MUST in your love life and instantly make this important part of your relationship. Having fun doesn’t have  to be over the top or even expensive, just something simple and enjoyable experience.
Do long term activities like dance class or fitness goals-create a common ground
Resume conflict quickly- it’s ok to disagree but if needed take some time to think and resolve it within a day or two
Keep the romance alive- constantly creating it keeps it fresh and alive and keep the two of you close

Once you sit down and make the time for each other and appreciate the time you have, everything else will fall into place.

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