Good, Bad and The Ugly

Stages of a Relationship

There are no concrete stages of a relationship. Here are a few common stages that most couples go through and see what stage that you’re in. My relationship is in “Now, I really know you” stage and it’s an interesting stage and takes patience and frequently under daily construction. J

“Who are you?” 1st month

At this stage, you’re trying to get to know the basics of what the person likes and small talk about anything. You find yourself having fun and relax when you hang out. You see no real flaws and little to no arguments occur. Telling all your friends that you’re in a relationship and everything is great.

“Me like” 2nd month-4th month

Everything is going well. You have a good idea of that person. Most of the time things are going great and you like what you see. There might be a little disagreement, but nothing serious happened.

“Oh, really now?” 5th month-7th month

Things are going well. Sometimes you get into arguments and start to see some dislikes in that person. Sometimes this stage determines how a couple will handle conflict and stress. By now you should’ve seen more sides and emotions from your partner. For example, when they are sad, mad, happy, surprised, irritated, and many other feelings.

“Now, I really know you” 8th month-until

You have been more than three disagreements and you realize that person flaws. You learn to accept them the way they are and they accept your flaws. By this time, you know almost everything about the person and might have met the family and some friends of your partner. Each day you continue to work on your relationship and might even talk about a future together.

Relationships should help people learn and grow as an individual and develop better and improve communication and other skills.

These stages are just based on my experiences and the people I know. Every relationship is different and everyone reacts to a relationship differently at certain moments. I know some people that can’t stand the person they’re with and can’t keep a relationship longer than 6 months.

Just remember to enjoy yourself and your partner though all of the good times and the bad times. You’ll be just fine!

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