Katy Perry Talks Split From Russel Brand

Katy Perry‘s new documentary is showing a lot more than just a part of her—especially when it comes to her personal life.

The “Wide Awake” superstar sat down with E! News and explained what it was like filming the no-holds-barred documentary while simultaneously living through the crumbling of her marriage to Russell Brand, and explained why, despite the unfortunate perfect storm of circumstances, she has absolutely no regrets…


“It’s a lesson learned,” she told E! News. “I didn’t want to think that I could completely avoid the elephant in the room. I thought it was important to…tactfully, delicately speak my piece.”

Seems like she succeeded—and simultaneously make herself even more relatable to her fans.

“Sometimes when you have a dream, there will be an obstacle or a curveball,” she said, adding that while she strived for honesty in Part of Me, she didn’t lay herself completely bare.

“It was important to leave some things, but I didn’t show everything, ’cause I have to really balance that line of personal and professional.”

And she appears to have done just that…all with the bonus of a good life lesson for her young fans.

“This is the modern-day fairy tale where sometimes you don’t need the Prince Charming at the end to have a happy ending.”

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