Frank Ocean – Sweet Life

While most Americans were gearing up to celebrate Independence Day, Frank Ocean released an open letter on his Tumblr informing fans that his first love was a man. In the letter Ocean goes on to explain his love affair with his first love and why things didn’t work out between them. Since Wednesday, the web has been buzzing about Ocean’s sexuality and what this means for the hip-hop community. As far as I can see, there has been nothing but praise from his peers and friends. Everyone from Tyler the Creator, Trina, and Russell Simmons have applauded Ocean for his bravery. Many have speculated that the reason as to why Ocean is divulging this information now is to put to rest the rumors. An industry insider who listened to Ocean’s upcoming album “Channeling Orange” ,due for release July 17, mentioned that some tracks uses pronoun “he” instead of “she” in a few of his songs. This left people and fans wondering about Ocean’s sexuality.

I for one applaud Frank Ocean for being completely honest with his fans. I applaud his bravery and respect him more as a person for his honesty. Even though there are people who may disagree with Ocean’s choice of sharing a bit of his personal life, I hope that people continue to enjoy his music and respect him as an artist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the talent that Frank Ocean posses is undeniable.

*It has been confirmed that Ocean will release a new son on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ Monday July 9.

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