I Long For….

The conversations I long for are the ones that make me feel like I’m free-writing deep, heart-felt words on paper. The ones with words in their purest form and thoughts at their greatest capacity. Our entire lives consist of the exact opposite of these kinds of conversations, unless we meet the people capable of carrying one.

Let’s think outside the box, or in this case, typical societal views for a minute. Let’s not view the world as everyone else does for just one moment and cherish the fact that we are both human beings, me and you, living on a planet full of other human beings and just simply living.

By living, I don’t mean working at your job, making your monthly car payments or saving up for your next house. I mean just living. I mean, cause I’m sure that there’s more to life than the way the majority of us are currently living it. Don’t you think we were destined for something more, or to be something more than constantly working to earn money? Do you think it’s possible that the only reason we are living this way is because it’s what we are taught while growing up, and it is all that we see everyone else doing: Working hard at school. Working hard at our jobs. Working hard at our dreams. Working hard ‘til we’re dead.

..or is this all a little to weird to talk about?

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