Love Changes

Have you or your loved one mentally thrown in the towel? How do you deal and cope once your loved one confesses to you that they don’t love you the same anymore? When dealing with such a situation, you must realize this will be a touchy subject that can be the start to a very aggressive and emotional rollercoaster.

The first thing you should do is decide if whether or not the relationship is worth fighting for and evaluate the love that still may exist that has kept you together thus far. If there has not been a mutual change of heart and you would like to stay, then by all means fight for your relationship. However, prior to putting up the fight, you have to be sure that your mate is receptive to your fight. If both parties are not willing to put forth an effort, then you could be fighting a losing battle all together.

As a couple you should get to a quiet place away from friends and family, even if that means going for a walk in the park without your mobile phones. You must figure out as a couple, at what point in the relationship the feelings seemed to change and what was the situation or event that may have occurred during this time. The only way you can fix the problem is by first being able to identify it for what it is. After an identity has been made, then it’s now time to hash it out and dissect the problem to the core. At this point you can begin to implement a corrective action that you both may feel good about. You are now at a starting point of moving into the right direction in making attempts to turn your feelings around.

Remind yourselves of the good qualities that brought you together and the good times that created the most impressionable memories. This is what will sustain your relationship once the building and restructuring of your relationship has begun to take its action. Remember, this will be an emotional rollercoaster, so stay strong at all times because as long as both participants are willing there is always hope.

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