Love is not this obsolete thing that is so hard to find
As it has now been replaced by sex.
Love is not this absolute thing reserved for a fortunate few
Couples God selects.

Love is not strange, mysterious or obscure,
Love is not something you fall into by allure.

Love is not blind, dumb or deceiving,
Love is not nebulous, confusing or misleading.

Love doesn’t cry, because it has no tears,
Love doesn’t give you cold feet because it has no fears.

Love is everywhere and in everyone.
Love is in the eyes of my beautiful son.

Love is in a breath of fresh air thanking God for my life,
Love is in that warm cooked meal prepared by your wife.

Love is going on a missionary trip to Haiti,
Love is the passion I feel when I deliver a baby.

Love gives Freedom
Love sees Truth
Love begets Courage
Resilience and proof.

Proof of love can be seen
In someone’s self esteem.

Those who love receive love and can’t get enough
Those who love know love is a diamond in the rough.

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2 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. jdubb17057 says:

    Very wise words, great writing. I liked the “proof of love can be seen/in someone’s self esteem” maybe the best part of the work in MY opinion.

  2. reblogopedia says:

    Reblogged this on reblogopedia.

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