Keep the Craziness

There is no such thing as a completely open and honest relationship; it does not exist. You cannot be completely honest with anyone. Seriously, most people find it hard to be honest with themselves, let alone, another person. Everyone says that “communication is the key” to a great relationship. This statement is true, but it is only half-true. The half that is missing is the importance of what you are communicating.

I AM a believer that honesty is the best policy. When entering a new relationship and throughout, I make it clear that I am not afraid to say what’s on my mind. But to be honest you, that is sort of a lie. I’m not going to tell anyone EVERYTHING that I’m thinking. Some of my thoughts are inappropriate and only belong in rap lyrics. Other thoughts, I have, are mildly schizophrenic. So, it’s better that I don’t share my crazy with the world, unless I can sing it to a beat.

When it comes down to being in a relationship, I keep the thoughts that I think are inappropriate and crazy to myself. So, I am not 100% honest. I would say that I am about 85% honest (and 72% of statistics are made up on the spot). The rests are lies that keep me from getting slapped like, “No you’re not dumb” or “She has nothing on you” and “Of course I would vote for you on American Idol”.

All joking aside… what you should be honest about are your feelings. No one can be mad at you for the way that you feel, personally. If they are, then you need to decide if that’s the kind of person you want to be with. Communication is cool but keep the craziness and inappropriate stuff to yourself*.

*I realize that it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t appropriate or crazy (especially) if you are the crazy inappropriate type. You obviously need to find someone who is as crazy and inappropriate as you are, but how can you tell? Here’s a technique that may work… sarcasm. Be sarcastic about all the little weirdness that goes on in your head, and don’t give it too much weight. I’ve used this technique practically all my life. I’m so sarcastic at times that I’m not sure whether I’m being serious or not, and neither do they ;-).

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2 thoughts on “Keep the Craziness

  1. You about summarize something I’ve always believed. Thank you! There was an interesting interview on NPR awhile back with a man who tried to not use any filters in his interactions with anyone. So he said exactly what was on his mind NO MATTER WHAT. It was fascinating and his wife tried to get him to stop because as you can imagine many inappropriate things were said in a few social situations. We all “filter” no matter how much we don’t want to admit it.

  2. Elise Renee Gingerich says:

    Amen To That!!!!!

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