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Relationship beginnings are always happy which soon leads to its complicated, to eventually questioning your compatibility. End result, you experiencing some type of why or the what was I thinking feeling . I’ve come to realize that individuals set high standards, high hope, and endless expectations after the first encounter. People manipulate themselves into believing what the see in a romantic comedy is our urban reality. The modern-day relationship move from just meeting ,to dating, and in a committed relationship with in a commercial break.

What happen to the fun in courting / dating , I mean simply enjoying ones company. Taking the time to learn and study your mate. Like a quiz, there’s a whole lot of crap you need to know about this individual if you hate failing. ( you’re gonna fail marriage is your can’t make it pass oral)* communication not sex nasty people!!.Whats up with the rules and restrictions does dating now comes with a manual!!! I MEAN REALLY !! THE underlines ( shades of gray) dos and donts are confusing enough. Now my friends, are your friends which have become our friends and if I have a friend that you haven’t become acquainted with its, now a conflict. Your views, has to be my views, because my opinion is no longer valid. I lost myself because I base my life on being surrounded by you. At the conclusion of us my conscience tell me I wasted time on another person not worth it. What happen to I vow never take on wife duties with just a girlfriend title. Why add mileage to yourself when you can add character. Lets stop living in the YOU HAD ME AT HELLO.

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