Complete Bliss


Sometimes I think that the world does not exist in a person like you, a person who at the first moment I met him, aroused the most beautiful feeling I have come to think in my heart, that feeling so beautiful, so special , so wonderful is ” love , “a feeling that one person has made ​​me feel …

It’s a feeling so deep that each time I see you feel that joy, that happiness, that energy that tells me you are what you always dreamed of, which makes me vibrate with happiness, makes me feel how beautiful life can be just being a your side …

That is both beautiful to feel your love, look at those eyes in which I see every day, reflected in them the passion, the love I feel the same as seeing you, it would be difficult trying to explain in words how great and deep that it is my love for you.

It would be hard to believe that there can be a life where I do not find with you, away, from your lips, your skin, all that together make you, what are you to me, can be described only few words, but these words are just words that compared to the reality would be empty words, because word on when it comes to describing a person as wonderful as you.

You are my inspiration, my big one true love, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me in life, are and will be the most important thing for me today, tomorrow and forever.

I love you my love …

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