Ok, we come to the commonplace problem here. It is a usual situation when most girls chase love from the bad boys, although in the other side there’s a Mr. nice guy who want her desperately and surely will make her secure with his love. Those girls will always falling in love with the jerks then they’ll break the Mr. nice guy’s heart, and then they’ll end up with broken hearted. Kind of funny huh?

Why girls always falling in love with the jerks? That’s simple, it is because those jerks found more attractive compared to Mr. nice. Most girls think that Mr. nice is boring, they will give everything what girls want, and in some cases Mr. nice is not (ahem) charming…  that’s why we always choose the bad guy to be loved.

There are some points of bad guys that make girls crazily falling in love with them. Those points are from what most girls experienced (and of course me), so here we go.

  1. They are confident. Yep, they are. They have confidence in everything they do, how they behave, the way they walk, and especially they way they talk to us.
  2. They are adventurous. We think that adventurous guys are more interesting. Their rebellious attitude will make us fell excited. Yeah, because most girls hate someone dull.
  3. They know how to talk with women. This is the main reason why we falling in love with jerks. They know how to start a conversation with us. They know what joke will make us laugh and what phrases will make us blushing. They just do it very well, and we guess they are and expert in this. Good talks, and then we fall in love.

So, what should Mr. nice do? No.., don’t be a jerk if you want your crush love you. I think you just need to turn down your bore level. Yeah, it is true that most girl love jerks, but remember that they will choose nice guy to be married. There will be a time when girls get tired of broken hearted. In that time they will surely look for a nice guy to be their soul mate.

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