Just One



I always complain how time moves too quickly that I seem to forget the worth of one second. And what I mean by that is how in one second everything could end. At the one tick of a clock, one last breath could be taken. And as one persons story comes to its ending, the world continues on moving in its accelerating and incredible speed.

What scares me most about it is that we never really expect that one precious second to ever come. How death sneaks upon us, ignoring our busy schedules, and sometimes makes its mark so suddenly and unexpectedly that we are in left in disbelief how you may never be able to talk to someone ever again because of just a second.

There are about 31 546 000 seconds in a year. Can you imagine how many there are in our lifetime? So make all your seconds count the best you can because it only takes one for it to all end.

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