No Sleep



Do you know those nights where you just can’t sleep? It’s as if the moment you just want to close your eyes is the time where your mind feels like it’s the best opportunity to begin racing with thoughts, memories, and ideas. As you try searching for an off switch, you realize that there may not even be one and you will just have to deal with another restless night. And for few hours, you become a philosopher as you questioning the meaning of life and why the world is the way it is. You become a storyteller as you come up with creative scenarios in your head that may never occur. You become a historian as you able to remember your past while missing or regretting it. In this insomniac time, you lie wide awake trying to figure out your life when all you want to do is to stop thinking.

And the weirdest thing is how alone we feel during these moments. How it feels like we’re the only one awake as people a dreaming in another realm. But truth is, those nights that we can’t sleep, there is someone else out there too. There is someone driving the empty roads hoping that it will bring some clarity. There is someone who is on the internet, listening to music, or watching TV as they are hoping it will take their minds of the things they don’t want to think about. And there is someone like you, just laying in bed thinking. Letting their mind race with their deepest thoughts. At the darkness of night, thousands of souls are awake with you…not being able to sleep.

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