Remember Me?



Have you ever thought about how many people you have met over your life time? How many thousands of faces you have seen and how many conversations have you had that have become forgotten? As time quickly ages us, allowing people we once knew become strangers again, I wonder how many people that we no longer remember still remember us?

How many people from our past can still remember our face, something that we said to them, or something that we did for them? Did we mean something to somebody, but just failed to notice? Out of all the faces that we no longer think about, how many of them would still be able to notice you if you two crossed paths? How many times is your name repeated when people reminisce about their childhood or the good old times?

Isn’t it weird that you could still be on someones mind that is no longer on yours? How you could of meant more to someone and be part of their memories? How you may never truly know how many people still remember you?

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