Selfish Asses!!

I can’t stand the whole “I don’t care ” approach. I mean I know so many men who no matter what say “I don’t care”. It genuinely pisses me off. For example, if I had just split up with a long term boyfriend.. You wouldn’t catch me saying “I don’t care” infact I would be quite obviously showing that I do care, probably a little to much. Isn’t it a bit messed up in the head that you can lose the supposed “love of your life” and not give a damn. Either one your lying to yourself or you never loved her.

Or when your doing something that wiĺl affect someone else and you don’t consider how it affects someone else and someone questions you on how you feel about doing that as if they are trying to work out your justification for doing said thing and you simply reply “I don’t care”! It’s infuriating… I feel like knocking these people out, screaming at them “maybe you should fucking care! Because one day someone wiĺl do something without considering you and it wiĺl negatively affect you and you wiĺl care but that person won’t be bothered about your problem because just like you, they don’t care”.

It really gets on my nerves. I care about most things as I would say I’m fairly empathetic… So when someone says they don’t care I kinda feel like they have offended who I am and the way I live my life and I know that it wiĺl be a twat like them that causes or my problems just because they only consider how something wiĺl affect them…

Selfish much!

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One thought on “Selfish Asses!!

  1. Nick says:

    Its a damn shame hoe fucking apathetic people are nowadays. Everyday I go to work I come home pissed off because I see so many people doing the wrong thing. There’s a couple of people that think I am just being a jerk, but in fact I just care a lot about my job. My company is an employee owned business so the better it does the better we all do so we should all care about it. I am so sick of people giving me that “whatever” attitude. They should all be punched in the face!!

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