Stalker Much?

So you gave up the cookie? It was good and you feeling compelled to call him the morning after, right? I mean after all you just gave him your prize so now he’s obligated to love you for the rest of your life, right? He should be whipped and eating out of your hands and ass too if you’re lucky, right? Ladies STOP THIS BULLSHIT! Just because you gave up the cookie doesn’t mean you got to give up your pride. Women need to control their damn emotions. Men hate this part, at first most will admit, when you immediately call them the day after it strokes their ego but when you go into STALKER MODE, calling every other minute and now asking wifely questions like…What time you getting home? Who you with? Where you at? Um, they want to run and hide and if you call and get no answer on the third day this is why!

Try this! Let him call you the day after… And yes he will call if you were good or if it was more than just sex, he will call! Please don’t assume when he does, he now wants to be committed to you. You should establish your status before you lay down with him!!!

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