Don’t Read If You Can’t Handle It!!



Ok, this is abit of a rant but oh well. I am so sick of people saying that they will be there for me or they care. Or if I’m upset, asking me how I am, because in the end of the day you don’t care. If you cared you would be able to pick up on the fact that I am not happy and wouldn’t need to sign post it with a big “NO I AM NOT”. If you paid attention to me then you would know.


Even if I ignore the lack attention paid to my obvious negative mood, I can not let go of the plain right hypocrisy that is pressuring someone to confess what is up, promising not to get offended or annoyed and then doing exactly that, getting annoyed and offended. In the end of the day when I say it don’t matter it means it don’t matter because I know that it WILL offend the person and to save us alot of arguments I would rather keep it to myself. So don’t ask as in the end of the day if it’s about you, you will get offended because you will feel that my opinions are uncalled for.


Thirdly, don’t say you care if when someone begs for you to stay and show that “supposibly” comforting side, you leave. Nothing more confusing then telling someone you care and want to cheer them up and then doing exactly the opposite and abandoning them. No matter how angry I am if someone begged me to stay I would because I would want to prove to them that they are wrong and that I do care no matter what.

But hey ho, forget looking for support in other’s it is not worth it because they either pretend to care and just want gossip or they care but only when it doesn’t involve them or they are in the mood to. True comforters will comfort the people they care about know matter what because no matter how bad they feel they care more about the other person to let them down..


I’m done complaining now. Good night

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One thought on “Don’t Read If You Can’t Handle It!!

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