It’s My Life!!


Why is it people are so concerned about doing what is best for me! I am fully capable of deciding what is best for me. How would you even know what’s is best for me… You are not me! I know my mind and what I can handle better than anyone else. If I want to torture myself by asking questions I will never want to know the answer to then let me, that way if I get hurt or upset it is my own fault.

If I want to be inlove with someone who doesn’t love me back… how does it affect you, it doesn’t. In the end of the day, I’m the only person getting hurt by it. So if you want to do something don’t give me that… “it’s for your own good” shit, tell me the real reason. Sometimes I don’t care about choosing the right option.. if it means being happy for a little longer, I am willing to suffer later. Because that is what life is: holding on to stuff on matter how hard it makes things later… just in the hope that the future will change or it won’t be harder even though deep down we all know we are torturing ourselves.


This is what the human  race is about, making stupid decisions despite our better judgement! I mean let’s take a look at the classic novel by Jane Austin. Despite society’s expectations, Mr Darcy chose to marry Elizabeth Bennet even though she was of a lower class (very frowned upon at the time). Did this cause him alot of hassle? Yes. Did that stop him? No. Because as humans we make decisions  knowing full well it is going to make life difficult for a bit but we would rather suffer the hardship then suffer “what if syndrome”- where we find ourselves looking back wondering if we made the right decision (a thought that eventually drives us crazy).

So please when you make decisions on the basis that it will be “for their own good” actually think would you want your opinion dismissed when a decision affects you.

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