Do you ever get so full of emotion you don’t know what to do,need to find a release of all your built up angst, frustration, passion or energy. I have a solution! It may not work for all who try it but, for me it is perfect. What is this mystery thing I speak of.. well as I like you I will let you in on the secret :) IT’S SINGING and not just humming to yourself as you do the washing up or “lalala”ing during a shower. No, I mean full-on belting a song out until you have no emotion left. I am quite an emotional person and my emotions tend to get hold of me and I struggle to let them out. But I like to write my feelings down and that normally helps but sometimes there is just to much to write, feelings that can’t be explained through the traditional pen and paper… This is where singing comes into the equation. There are so many types of music, each about all kinds of situations… your bound to find one that reflects your exact feelings. Once you find that song, you are sorted all you have to do now is sing it loud and proud and try not to give a sh!t about other people!

I walk to work everyday and everyday I sing my heart out until there is nothing left in me… am I bad at singing? Don’t know and Don’t care. Yes, I sometimes get a bit too much into a song and find myself choking through the lyrics struggling to hold back the tears but if I’m honest I am glad I can attach myself and am in touch with myself enough to show my emotions. Plus I find that I will always find those songs that give me hope or cheer me up… so if I leave my house feeling sad usually by the time I get to work I have sung my way out of feeling upset.


Music is awesome

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One thought on “Sing

  1. Nick says:

    I am officially in love with you blog!! Music is one of my releases in life and I don’t know where I would be without it. It makes me smile, laugh, cry, dance, sing, and sometimes even make a fool out of myself.

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