If you want me, let me know. If you love me, show it. If you want to be with me, be with me. I’m not about to lay down and wait for you to make up your mind. I have a life to live and I wont stop it just because you might be interested. You can tell me you are sure all you like but unless you actually produce some action and show some conviction you wont be in the running for my attention. I have spent enough time waiting for men to fulfil their empty promises.

If your not in a situation to be mine- change it. If your not here-what are you going to do to change it? I’m not looking for words, for promises or for reassurance. I’m looking for a man, a partner something real. Change is scary and hard but if you mean what you say then come for me. No excuses. Excuses show weakness. If you want me you will make it happy.

Being with me wont be easy, there will be fights and disagreements. I will challenge your motivations and convictions and push you to always be more than you are. I will be difficult and hard to live with. I will get moody and I will never be perfect. But if you are good to me, if you promise to love me and not to change me then I can promise you this:

I will not leave you or lie to you. I will not give up on you or let you down.I WILL love you. Completely and without falter. I will look after you when you are sick, dance with you when you are well and care for you always. You would be my only priority, my life designed with us at its centre. I will be your rock and you will be mine. I will work with you, not against you. I will do my best to make you happy and keep you safe.

I wish it was more.

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