Sex or Making Love?

Sex, doing the nasty, making whoopee, fooling around, knocking the boots, making love, it goes by many names but the meaning isn’t always the same. While in a conversation with friends it was said that making love and having sex were the same thing. The general tone of the conversation suggests that a majority of my friends agreed with the notion. As usual I had to take the counter-position and defend the philosophy that sex and making love are two totally different things all together.

I guess I could see how my friends would look at the idea of sex and making in the same fashion, the end result is in certain manners being the same, all participating parties leave happy. In that way and that way alone are having sex and making love the same. How they differ in my book could do just that fill a book.  For one,  having sex is in my view is simply the pressing together of two bodies; with a smile on your face as the end result, where making love is the intertwining of two souls r with the goal of becoming ever closer to your partner. Sex involves mere physical presence, while making love requires all the 5 senses: looking your partner in the eyes, actively listening to your lover’s desires, one’s physical touch, the aroma you make collectively; tongues aren’t just to help push our food down, test your love with a taste as to make sure it’s right.  Sex is an encounter measured in volumes; while love is an experience that holds no words, and no ways to be gauge.  In short sex is about achieving climax, and making love is about acquiring a connection with your partner that can last you eons.

I wasn’t able to get my ideas to stick with my friends, but I guess it is what you make it out to be. Some look at it more light-heartedly, while either’s realize to power it holds. To each their own is my answer.

So what do you think are they the same or I am just putting up on a pedestal?

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One thought on “Sex or Making Love?

  1. They are definitely not the same!! I can have sex with my husband when I’m mad and we are definitely not connecting on a spiritual level during these times. I can also show my love while having sex with him and sometimes this can bring a sense of utter utopia…spiritually. They are different and as long as we are in the moment who cares which we enjoy more often. We use each other for basic human needs. We love to “connect” as often as possible both physically and spiritually.

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